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How to Choose the Perfect Dock Lighting

Nov 16

You may admit it—you purchased your house because of the dock in the backyard. Who wouldn't desire quick access to a lake, ocean, or river?

Docks date back to 2500 BC along the coast of the Red Sea, and they were most likely lit by the use of simple oil lamps to help workers come alongside when bringing in cargo or returning from a hard day of fishing at dusk.

Modern docks may look different, but their function is the same. However, now with more leisure time than our ancestors, docks are used as an extension of one's main residence, and that includes proper lighting.

Lights aren't only about enhancing the look of your dock; they're also a safety necessity. At night, illuminating the water's edge prevents boats from striking your dock and people from falling off.

At night, visibility is reduced. Distances are more difficult to judge, obstacles are harder to see, and moisture and temperature changes cause distortion. Boats can appear out of nowhere, debris and crab pots may be hard to spot in the dark water. On clear waters with no other boats or traffic, you still need to be extra careful. This is all the more reason to get dock lights you can count on year round.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with being proud of your own private dock. Everyone who doesn't already have one dreams about having one. However, everyone who does have their own dock wishes it was a little nicer.

What is the most effective method to make your dock more appealing and increase its "wow factor"?

Classic nautical lighting, of course.

There are a plethora of dock lighting ideas to make your docking area the ideal spot for a quiet drink at night. In addition, your neighbors will appreciate the view.

Read on to learn about the finest, most practical boating dock lighting.

With a little effort, your dock will become the center of attention in your house. Sure, your boat is fantastic, but once you spruce it up a bit, you'll want to spend most of your time on the dock itself. It's a great place to entertain and unwind on the water's edge.

Here are some ideas to consider for lighting your dock:

Piling lights are attached to the dock pylons above your floating platform to light it up. They increase visibility at night, as well as during daytime hours, for you, your guests, and boaters. Salty air, rain, and birds can damage your dock pilings, so you want to make sure you use durable, marine grade dock lights with solid glass fresnel lenses.

You'll love the way our piling lights shine when you step out onto your pier in the evening. These sturdy lights are designed to last a lifetime and have a beautiful, warm glow about them. Adding piling lights to your dock is a fantastic idea if you want an elegant, but low-maintenance dock lighting solution.

Do you want a beautiful yet practical light source for your dock? Wharf pole nautical lights are attractive, marine grade aluminum lighting meant to stand up to salt water environments. They are ideal for any docking station.

At night, after a long day on the water or while sitting back and savoring your catch, you'll find that Key West style lighting provides enough light to unload your boat. They also look good with clapboard siding on a home. This style of lighting looks great during the day too, but they also perform well when you need them at night.

Your dock will be the main attraction of your property with the proper lighting. Choose between your favorite dock lighting ideas and install them quickly so you can make the most of your time on the water.