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How long do I need to book the wedding photographer?

Jan 30



Because there are so many things to consider, it is vital. Do I need photos of every aspect of my big day? Are you comfortable with taking pictures of you getting ready? Do you want to be present at the reception to watch your first dance? These are the questions that you should think about.


Furthermore, the location of the event matter? Isn't one venue bigger than another which is why it requires more focus?" These are essential aspects to think about as they'll largely influence how many hours you need to schedule your photography


What are the timeframes I'll need to employ a wedding photographer?

It is hard enough to plan your wedding. There are many questions to be asked, which could make things even more difficult. For example, what budget to set for food items, table menus as well as fonts, table décor, what colors are popular this season among dresses for bridesmaids - these things can be complicated enough without ever having been ever asked before!


When you're in the midst of a wedding you will find that your thoughts will turn to "Where do I start"? It is crucial to start with the most expensive things, venues, dresses and photographers. If you begin looking for a photographer in Henderson Nevada, you'll immediately get overwhelmed by all of their options! Offers on packages are appealing, but what exactly is "6 hours worth"? What does an 8-hour deal really mean? Is it enough time to spend time with our loved ones? Or should we give up taking photos or a part of the wedding reception?


Are you unsure of the number of hours you need to hire to hire a Puretouch Photography photographer is a frequent inquiry? If you hire just many photographers, your wedding images could end up on the garbage pile. However, hiring too many photographers can result in a significant invoice that can create financial stress. It is recommended to look into different companies in the industry to find out what works best for your needs.

The Size Of Your Wedding

How big your wedding is will play a significant influence on your selection of coverage. For instance, an important ceremony with 200 or more guests could require as long as 10 hours of coverage, therefore we offer packages of 6 hours for smaller weddings that have less than 50 guests.


What photos do you want?

This may seem like an obvious query Are we in need of photos of every detail on our special day. Before you rush into hiring the services of a Las Vegas portrait photographer for a full day, consider. Do I really want what I'm looking for in front of me right today more significant than having access to other memories of this event 20 years from now?"


How Much Travel Is Involved

Do you want to have your wedding at one location, or at different locations? Consider travel time if you do. It is also recommended by Henderson photographers because they need to take photos of each location, then travel from one spot (or wherever it may be) from one location to another. This can take hours depending on how long it takes.


How Long Will Your Wedding Reception?

Take a look at your timeline for your wedding reception. If you're planning to have three hours of dance at the end of it, there is no need for a photographer for all of it.


You could also put that time towards getting ready for your morning. If you decide to have a send-off or sparkler exit in the future, then of course you'll need the photographer to be present. The possibility of faking your exit is feasible.


Restrictions and COVID

COVID-19 remains a threat, and there are restrictions in place. Many couples this year were forced to consider a micro-wedding 2 hours (more intimate weddings that typically have 20 people or less). Of course, the quantity of coverage required will differ.

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