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Need a Caterer for a large Business Meeting?

Apr 16

Uncle Nick's Deli offers a wide range of catering and event planning services. Our simple and quick sandwiches as well as soups and salads will make your event unforgettable for rehearsal dinners, office gatherings or bridal or baby showers. We also offer off-site catering. We can customize a menu for you, make your most loved meals, or make an event that is buffet-style in your office. Let us create memorable event memories for you as well as your guests.


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Do you want to hold an event? We'll get in touch in 24 hours no matter the date of your event, whether next week or the following year.


Corporate Functions

Uncle Nick's Deli we want to help to portray this image with friendly and professional hospitality. Corporate events are a fantastic way to meet new people you know and to build new connections. We believe that good old-fashioned hospitality is the key to the success of your event.

Uncle Nick's Deli We would love to work with you on your next big occasion or outing, by assisting you all the process. We offer innovative menu design, custom themed stations, and trained friendly wait staff to make sure you and your guests feel at ease.


Planning a luxurious function can be tedious and overwhelming even for experienced event planners. One of the primary elements that a formal event planner and caterer should not overlook is excellent food and drinks having a top-quality catering service in Belleville, IL can help in this regard. A catering company that offers premium catering in Belleville, IL can be responsible for the preparation, presentation and serving of all the dishes you want to be served.

Important things to do BEFORE CHOOSING A COMPANY THAT offers high-end catering in BELLEVILLE, IL

A party can be made successful by the help of a Belleville, IL high-end catering firm. It is essential to locate reliable high-end catering companies located in Belleville, IL who can assist you. Butbefore you sit down with representatives of any restaurant catering business it is essential to make a decision on a few aspects. Here are the steps to follow before deciding on a Belleville, IL restaurant caterer.


The first step is to determine the amount you'll have to spend to cater your celebration at Belleville, IL. The budget will determine the amount of dishes and staff the company will be able to provide.

We are able to provide affordable alternatives to our products and services in case you're on a tight budget. One of the primary ways a provider of high-end catering services in Belleville, IL can do this is by using more seasonal ingredients in the dishes they are going to cook.

Make sure you have the account rebalanced BEFORE GETTING A HIGH-END CATERING IN BELLEVILLE, IL

The number of people who will be attending your event will assist you to decide which company to choose. When you're planning an intimate gathering or a huge event, the high-end catering company you select must be up to the challenge. The catering services at restaurants in Belleville, IL will prepare and plan for your event to make sure all guests will be well-fed.


The food can create or break an event. Professional catering services that offer high-end cuisine located in Belleville, IL will be capable of providing a range of options that match the style of your formal event. Catering services that are top of the line can make your menu to meet your specific needs.

If you're reviewing the menus of a top-of-the-line catering firm, ask if they can also make necessary adjustments based on your guests preferences. Certain guests might suffer from allergies or have strictly adhere to a diet that must be taken into consideration.

Determine if you'll require a BAR SERVICE RENDERED BY THE PROVIDER of premium catering in BELLEVILLE, IL

Drinks and cocktails are essential for formal events. If this is the situation then you'll have to get a catering company which can offer drinks and that offers bar service. It is essential to ensure that you have enough alcohol for everyone.


If you're looking to ensure that your formal occasion to be a hit, look no further than Uncle Nick's Deli. We provide high-end boxed lunches for your event in Belleville, IL, no what size or how small your event. From intimate meetings to grand occasions, we are able to provide you and your guests with carefully crafted meals that taste great. Our skilled chefs and staff will ensure that the food is served with care. For more information, contact us.


Delicious and satisfying food is an essential part of any event. It is possible to save the time and stress by hiring a professional catering service, regardless of whether you're planning a small private gathering or a big corporate occasion.

Uncle Nick's Deli is dedicated to making your events memorable by serving carefully-prepared dishes. We offer a wide range of menu items that include appetizers, salads, mains desserts, and much more. Our team goes above and beyond helping you create an event that is truly deliciously special. Your guests and you will return full and delighted.

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