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Avoid Planting Trees Quite Near To Your House

May 31


Trees are the real jewels of every landscape. They are stunning features that shade your property from the heat of Florida. We suggest that you be aware of the safety and health of your family and your property when you maintain trees.

As beautiful as trees may be, their roots can cause structural damage if they're spreading out under the soil too closely to your home. Trees can also cause roof and exterior damages in case they are located close enough to cascade over your home. This and other issues could occur if your trees aren't planted correctly. The problem can be avoided by complying with Lawn Wrx's tree planting guidelines.


Poorly planted trees could cause structural damage to your home

If trees aren't cultivated properly they can result in structural damage in various ways. Some of the issues you should be aware of include the following:


  • The biggest threat to your property comes from tree roots that are massive. Trees are humble giants, but they require the appropriate amount of space in order to grow their large and astonishingly sturdy roots. Tree roots can spread under your soil regardless of how much space they are given. This can lead to structural damages. Trees that are not properly planted can break the sidewalks, driveways, and even the foundations of homes.

  • Poorly planted trees can cause roof damage and blockage of gutters. If a tree grows close to your house its branches may hang above your roof. The hanging branches could harm your roof and accelerate the rate of erosion. If your tree sheds branches and leaves then they'll end up in the gutters. This could affect their drainage function and cause damage to your roof. All you need to do is help and guidance from tree removal Georgiatown.

  • Tree branches can harm your home's exterior. Twigs and branches from trees can cause cosmetic damages to the exterior of your home as they grow and scratch against the paint. Only, professional tree removal service in Georgetown will be able to assist in this matter.

  • Dead trees could cause injury to loved ones. Dead branches can be unstable and pose a safety hazard for your loved ones and family members in case they fall in the wrong place at the wrong time.

How far from home should a tree be planted?

What is the best distance for trees be planted from your home? There are a few general rules to follow when planting trees to ensure that you ensure they are kept away from your home. By following these guidelines, you'll keep out any potential damage. We recommended that you plant trees from 10 to 20 feet away. The exact distances at which trees should be placed from your home include the following:


  • Large trees that have a mature height of 70 feet or higher are recommended to be planted 20 feet away from your home.

  • You should plant medium-sized trees which are less than 70 feet tall and are 15 feet away from your home.

  • Small trees with a mature height less than 30 feet should be planted at least 10 feet away from the home.

Call professionals

Tree service in Georgetown is available to provide any additional assistance or questions.



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