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The Top 3 Methods to Enhance the Energy Efficiency of Your Roof

Jun 28


When extreme weather conditions hit either in the summer or winter months increasing energy costs are inevitable. homeowners who use heating and cooling systems more frequently will experience an increase in their monthly bills.

There are numerous methods to save energy in your home, focusing on an energy efficient roofing is often the most effective as the roof is your home's first protection against weather and other elements.

Adequate Attic Insulation

A simple and cheap method to make your roof more energy efficient is making sure that you have sufficient insulation.


Insufficiently insulated attics don't give a home the security required to withstand extreme temperatures and lower energy costs. This is especially true for older homes that have less insulation than houses built in recent times.


While adding insulation to an attic that is not well-insulated will be beneficial but it is crucial to understand the ideal amount and type of insulation to be utilized.

Cooling Roof Coating

Another method for increasing your roof's energy efficiency is to include a cooling material or coating to your roof. For this you can contact roofing contractors in santa fe new mexico.


Anyone who has sported black clothing in the summer heat knows the effect of dark shades on heat retention. The same concept applies to your roof. The darker the roof it is the more heat retained. To lower heat retention an experienced roofing professional in New Mexico could apply an emulsion, for example, cool roofing paint.

Coating your roof will reduce cost of energy used to heat your home, boost the protection against UV and water, and may also extend the life of your roof.


Also, replacing aging shingles can provide greater sun protection. There are a variety of cooling options, and each home is distinctive. Advosy can help homeowners to choose the best roofing plan.


Energy-efficient roofing materials

While adding insulation and roof cooling materials are affordable and simple options that greatly enhance the performance of your roof, at times, you'll have to deal with roofing replacement as your only sensible alternative. Efficiency is an important consideration when you are considering a roof replacement for your home.


There are many energy-efficient roofing materials that you can pick from. Metal roofing is a more efficient option than shingle, and can save you substantial money over the life of your roof. A proper installation is vital for roofers, so you should roofers santa Fe are experienced in the specific material you're using.


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