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Common Problems During Home Renovations and How to Prepare

Feb 5
As exciting and satisfying as building a new bespoke home from the ground up might be, renovations can be. Perhaps you've been in your home for a while and decided it's time to move on, or perhaps you bought an older property that needs some work before you can call it your ideal home. You may alter any space to suit your needs by having a St. Louis kitchen renovation. There is something wonderful about transforming what is already there into what it can be, yet the road to a lovely renovated house is rarely straightforward. Homes may suffer from the effects of time, and once restorations get underway, it's common to find problems lurking behind that old wallpaper.
Even while unforeseen problems might occur throughout every remodeling project, they shouldn't ever stand in the way of you realizing your home's vision. We have decades of experience working in the construction and repair industries, so we have seen a lot. We are aware of potential issues and the solutions that must be implemented. Half the fight is won by being aware of what to look for and what to anticipate when it comes to typical remodeling issues. We'll go through the most prevalent issues we see, how they could impact a remodeling job, and what should be done about them right away.

Injury from Water

Water damage is a serious but all-too-common issue for homeowners and the cause of a lot of difficulties during renovations. It could start with a roof leak that isn't noticed until the water has penetrated the ceiling. Water damage can also be brought on by damaged or leaking pipes in the plumbing system. It is misleading. It's likely that until the walls are opened up for remodeling, you won't even detect a leak. Floods are the most dangerous kind of water damage.

Foundational cracks and other issues

One of the worst things that can happen to a homeowner is finding a foundation fracture during a makeover. The issue is present when there are gaps around the edges of rooms, cracks in the walls and floors, and stuck doors and windows. On rare occasions, the issue is discovered when working on the site. The type of cement used in older homes can degrade with time, meaning foundations do not always survive the test of time.
If foundation cracks are identified, a structural engineer must examine the home to assess the severity of the issue and offer a fix. The damage may be repaired in a number of ways by your contractor. In certain cases, simply bolting steel bracing to the house may be enough to stabilize the foundation. In some circumstances, concrete piers or helical screws may be needed to support the foundation. In the worst instance, a brand-new foundation could be required.
When we construct new homes, we use structural foundations to increase their potential lifespans and ensure the longevity and safety of the building. Special void boxes, usually referred to as void forms, are positioned before the slab is poured. The foundation is made stronger by the void boxes' protection of the concrete during curing. Additionally, they let the foundation expand and move without breaking.

Hazardous substances

They "don't make them like they used to" for good reasons. Old, hazardous things could be found during the remodeling and need to be handled with. These dangerous substances require special handling and disposal. Licensed remediators and knowledgeable contractors may be needed in many situations to guarantee that these issues are addressed safely and efficiently, even though rules differ by jurisdiction.
An important health risk that is commonly discovered in older house renovations is lead poisoning. It can occasionally be discovered in ancient plumbing pipes and paint treatments for the inside or exterior.
Behind walls, in the attic, basement, or ceilings are all potential hiding places for asbestos. Sometimes it's better to keep things confined and leave them alone. It may occasionally require expert removal.
Non-compliant plumbing and electrical work

Shoddy construction layers

You might not be the first individual to attempt remodeling or renovating a house. Poor restoration work by several generations of homeowners can leave behind a legacy of issues that can be expensive to remedy. It's probable that as your remodeling project moves along, you'll find a poorly done archaeological excavation. Before beginning any new work, it may be necessary to undo previous mistakes committed by inexperienced contractors, home handymen, and improper extensions, or you run the danger of ruining the finish and outcome.


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