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Best OSRS F2P Gear You Should Get

Nov 2

Free-to-play (F2P) Old School Runescape may be a completely different game from Pay-to-Play, but it has its own charm and meta. If you're still scared about playing the free version, just remember that you can buy RuneScape membership through in-game money!

Once you get geared up and are making tons of money, then easily make the switch to pay to play later on if necessary That being said here is the only list of best OSRS items you will ever need for your F2P adventure:

Wizard Robes

The Wizard Robes are the uniform of a wizard. These robes can be found in wizards' towers and offer high magic bonuses for free players which is surprisingly low to most people due to being F2P. Despite this, it also makes you look like Gandalf because they're blue.

Rune Chainbody

Though the Rune Chainbody is not as powerful and protective as its adamant counterpart, it does offer perks that are unavailable to any other armour. It also comes at a fairly low price of 4-5 million coins when compared with the next best choice which costs 10 times more!


Silverlight is a nostalgic weapon that can be acquired during the Demon Slayer quest. This sword has an incredible history, and after every attack, it will drip with a vengeance for all those you've slain as well as your own bloodlust to go out on another hunt in order to take down even more foes.

Cabbage Cape

Capes in F2P are pretty weak, but if you want to stand out from the crowd then a cape like Cabbage Cape is perfect for that. Not only does it have an awesome skillcape emote where players can play a fun animation, with this cabbage cape your character will be wearing cool and colorful clothes no matter what their level or class might be.

Adamant Arrows

Adamant arrows are a staple in F2P, but they're more well-known for their PvP use. In PvM and PvP worlds, adamant arrows can be found on the ground or being used by other players to kill you! If that's not enough incentive to get your own supply of ammo then I don't know what is.

Amulet of Power

Amulets provide great bonuses and benefits for players, but the F2P community has limited options. Amulet of Power is a good all-around piece that can be used by mages, rangers, or melee fighters; it's got something to fit any combat style.

Maple Shortbow

The Maple Shortbow is the player's classical F2P ranged weapon of choice for training and PvP. It fires arrows up to adamant, a steal at level 30 ranged, giving it an advantage over other bows; its dashing appearance can be enhanced with amulets or power necklaces from any type of armor.